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Wire Instructions

To deter Wire Fraud, we do not accept wire instructions through Online Banking or our Mobile App. More info is below on how to request incoming and outgoing wires. Wire fees apply – see our fee schedule for details.


How to wire money in

We wire funds through: Catalyst Corporate Credit Union
ABA #311990511
8801 Parkwood Bld. Plano TX 75024

Credit to: Spokane Media Federal Credit Union
ABA #325182441
6103 N Astor St . Spokane WA 99208

Final Credit to: Your Name and Member Account Number.

Sometimes entering the member account number can be tricky, so call us at 509.838-8960 for more specifics.

As a Heads Up: To deter and detect wire fraud, be prepared to wait a little while before the funds clear your account so you can start spending. To check status on an incoming wire, call us at 509.838.8960.


how to wire money out

How do I wire money OUT of my SMFCU account?
To protect you and the credit union against wire fraud, we require a written request signed by the member prior to processing an outgoing wire.

Call us at 509.838.8960 to request a Wire Transfer Form. We look forward to helping you!

Why choose media credit union?

Member Owned: As a not-for-profit organization, any extra money made is returned to members through better rates on loans and savings, lower fees, or additional services.

Community Focused: We focus on serving the financial needs of our local communities, which benefits the community we live in. Members help each other financially, creating a supportive and collaborative environment.

(509) 838-8960
6103 N Astor St.
Spokane, WA 99208