Checking Accounts

We offer FREE checking accounts and FREE on-line bill pay service and business checking accounts for a
small monthly service charge. Checks can be ordered through our partner the Harland-Clarke company
for a nominal charge. You may apply for an overdraft line of credit account which will automatically
advance funds to cover an overdraft or designate your SMFCU VISA tm to cover an overdraft. You can
also attach a savings account to transfer funds from to cover an overdraft if the need arises. Please see
the current fee schedule for the amount charged to transfer from savingsā€¦.there is no cost in
transferring money on-line or calling the credit union to have a staff member transfer for you. Any additional checking accounts can be opened on-line.


Once your checking account has been open and in good standing for 60 days, you are eligible for our
Overdraft Courtesy Pay program. If you opt in to the program, we will pay checks and debit card items
up to $400 to avoid embarrassment and fees from returned items.